HACCP - Blue Book

Elaboration HACCP (Blue Book)

It motivates the current situation in a market without frontiers and to meet the growing demands of consumers, companies have had to modify production processes, distribution and food service.

In turn, all public European, State and Autonomous Communities that have adapted Administrations -Community legislation to the new demands of consumers, to ensure the protection of these.

In our area, the applicable law requires all operators involved in the food chain to realize their own self-control, which sits in the system Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points -APPCC-, thereby replacing inspection traditional health by preventive inspection standard based audit techniques and process management that should be reflected in the procedures blue Book.

In order to facilitate self-control in the company and the supervision thereof by services Ministry of Health and ConsumerThey have been developed hygiene requirements: premises, facilities, processes and people, as reflected in this document. It is "Say what you do and do what you say 'a documented system management.

eight plans are developed, each defined by an objective, a description which, as who, when- and some records, the person designated by management completed. This is summarized in "OBSERVE", "evidence" and "correct" non-conformities that may affect food.

This publication is the result of work done by an improvement team formed by people from the Directorate General of Public HealthWith special dedication and specialization in Food Security, to facilitate the work of the companies, and ultimately that results in an improvement in the health of our citizens and the people who visit us.