Integrated Pest Management in Mallorca

Entrevista en IB3

Interview IB3

Interview in IB3 by one of our colleagues. Then we leave a fragment of the program '5 dies' which airs every day at the local chain IB3 where they interview one of our colleagues, Antonio Galán. Antonio is invited to the program as an expert in pest control. Analyzes the current situation inRead more about Interview IB3[...]

Cucaracha americana.

American Cockroach.

American cockroach (Periplaneta americana). American cockroach specialized treatments. For control of American cockroach in Baleares (and other types of cockroaches) in L'Artisan we offer an experience of over 20 years and actual effectiveness in all our services. The American cockroach is an example of the daily struggle that our technicians perform.Read more about American Cockroach.[...]

Plagas en invierno.

Pests in winter.

Pest control in winter. When the cold arrives pests do not disappear, we also need to effectively control pests in winter. Although at first glance it may seem. Insects fall into a kind of lethargy and use the warmth of home to spend the winter. They are experts in hiding during this time ofRead more about Pest in winter.[...]

Prevención contra chinches

Prevention bedbugs

To prevent diseases is essential to have good hygiene at home. That way we can prevent the occurrence of insects or detect them quickly. In our company, specializing in insect control in Mallorca, we handle the elimination of cockroaches, bedbugs and many others. Often, some of the pests listedRead more about Preventing bedbugs[...]

La carcoma o polilla de la madera

Woodworm or wood moth

Good protection for wood in Mallorca must necessarily pass through control pests woodworm or moth wood, whose scientific name is Hylotrupes bajulus a cascarudo shaped larva of just 30 millimeters in size, but you can get to stay up ten years or more feeding on wood.Read more about the woodworm or wood moth[...]

El moho en la madera

Mold on wood

As much as we try to protect our furniture is not always possible to avoid all risks. However, preventive methods can be used, as our wood protection treatment in Mallorca. We work to prevent various dangers that can attack wooden objects in your home, such as termites orRead more about mold on wood[...]