Tips to prevent termite infestation

Tips to prevent termite infestation.

termites. Throughout our extensive experience in the sector fumigation companies in Mallorca We have seen how termite infestations are one of the most difficult to detect in time. Today we would like to use our experience to tell if you can avoid being invaded by these dreaded insects and why some homes are more likely to suffer his presence than others.

To address this post is absolutely necessary to ask the following question: What seek termites when they invade a house? Termites are insects that live in well organized communities. When a termite colony enters a dwelling is looking for basically two things: food (wood and cardboard) and humidity (best habitat).

In this regard, the fact that termites invade a house and not another is usually closely related to the odor's in that house: the smell of damp wood termites attracts like a magnet. So it is easy to appear in homes that are not well insulated and have moisture problems, especially if them old wooden furniture abound. As experts in the sector fumigation companies in Mallorca We recommend keeping your home dry through good insulation system if you want to prevent termites appear in it.

To avoid the presence of these insects, besides having a dry and secluded home, it is important to buy quality wood furniture. In the case of second-hand purchase, it never hurts to study the state previously, fumigate and apply some kind of repellent to prevent them from becoming termite nests.

Following these tips is easier to prevent termite attack, but you know that if you notice the existence of them in your home, the best thing to do is call us. In L'Artisan We have extensive experience in fumigation and elimination of all types of pests. Consult us without obligation.