Pests in winter.

Pest control in winter.

When the cold arrives pests do not disappear, we also need to effectively control pests in winter. Although at first glance it may seem.

Insects fall into a kind of lethargy and use the warmth of home to spend the winter. They are experts in hiding during this time of year.

These are the most common pests in winter: Cockroaches, rats and mice, spiders, bedbugs.

Cockroaches: Many people think that cockroaches only appear in summer and disappear in winter. Customers call us surprised: "How can you have found small cockroaches in my kitchen in late December ?. I wish it was like that! Cockroaches love the summer heat, they also enjoy heating in our apartments throughout the winter!

We usually maintain a temperature of around 20 degrees in our homes, so cockroaches can survive perfectly cold days. In the kitchen, the heat generated by the motor of the refrigerator and electrical appliances provides an ideal environment all year round. In addition to having water and food: a true haven for cockroaches!



Rats: As mammals, rats do not like the cold, so seek the warmth of the home. Able to dislocate the bones to get any slot, so, be careful with them because they can sneak into your house uninvited.

Spiders: No dangerous animals are mostly, but a lot of them can be somewhat annoying in our homes.

Bedbugs: We can have them at any time of year. The warmth of the bed and nightstands provides the ideal temperature to survive.

But nevertheless, you can rest easy. In L'Artisan Pest Control We deal with these and other pests throughout the year.