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The concept of plague It has evolved over time from the traditional meaning where pest considered to any animal that produced damage typically crops. Currently it must be at the same level as the concept of disease so that should be understood as a pest to a situation in which an animal produces, usually physical, and interests of people (health, crops, domestic animals, materials or means economic damage natural); in the same way that the disease is not the virus, bacteria, etc. but the situation where a living organism (pathogen) causes physiological changes in another, usually with visible symptoms or economic damage.

This new concept allows to separate the idea of ​​pest species of animal that produces it, avoiding species establish classifications of good and bad, and facilitating the explanation of why a species is beneficial in one place and harmful in another.

Control de plagas de cucarachas en Mallorcacockroaches

Cockroach body is oval and flattened. The small head is usually protected by a shield-shaped pronotal. Their antennae are threadlike, their compound eyes are small, long legs, flattened and spiny, and chewing mouthparts. Has two pairs of wings, the wings of which the rear pair are large and membranous are covered and protected by the front wings that are smaller and are sclerotic.

They have a pair of side frames at the end of the abdomen. Once a cockroach infestation is established, it can alleviate the problem with chemical control. However the analysis of causes and corrective action can reduce the risk of re-infestation.

Insecticides, bait stations containing ice based Hydramethylnone or fipronil or other biocides, and the boric acid powders, are toxic to cockroaches. Ovicidal baits are also quite effective for controlling a population of cockroaches. Additionally deltamethrin compositions are very effective.

Control de plagas de polillas en MallorcaPolillas

various small moths and moths are called, developed by metamorphosis whose larvae eat stored food or household, such as clothing and paper goods. Some species attack stored grains and fodder rice, corn, chocolate, snuff and there are other books that attack, looking for mushrooms growing on the tail.

Of all the species of moths the most problematic for the damage they produce, they are feeding the clothes stored in closets. The clothes moth does not perform migrations, is used to living in poorly lit, sheltered and enclosed areas, do not resemble their peers, and it is not attracted to the light, so their places most common location are the closets.

Sometimes it can be found in bird nests. To combat the larvae of moths must avoid unwashed clothing store or vent which have not been used for a long time, since they are the most appreciated these insects. It is convenient to use bags or airtight drawers specialized for this purpose. It is also important to avoid excessive accumulation of grain and fodder in the case of food moths.

Control de plagas de pulgas en Mallorcafleas

Fleas are insects holometabolous. The period when the cycle is completed egg to adult varies from two weeks to eight months depending on the temperature, humidity, and species food. Normally, after a blood meal, the female lays between 15 and 20 eggs per day to 600 in his life, usually dogs, cats, rats, rabbits, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, opossums, foxes, chickens, human, etc.

Loose eggs deposited in the coat fall mostly all site like rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, boxes of dog and cat kennels or sandboxes. In most cases fleas are just a nuisance to their hosts, but some people and animals suffer an allergic reaction to flea saliva, resulting in eruptions.

Flea bites generally result forming a swollen and slightly raised itchy areas and having a single point in the center sting. However, fleas can transmit diseases such as typhus and plague devastating transmitted between rodents and humans by flea sewer rat and rat flea black.

Control de plagas de arácnidos y arañas en Mallorcaarachnids

There is considerable diversity among populations of spiders. In fact, they are classified seventh in the world. The only place to live is Antarctica. Found in all habitats, including around humans.

Spiders can vary in size from very small to very large. Some of them are also mixed with their environment that can not even be noticed that are around.

All have four pairs of legs, with a total of eight. They also have four pairs of eyes that used to help as they have a good sense of balance. However, spiders are very good adapting to changing environments. They do not need much food to survive.

These predators often find many bugs in their networks before being eaten. The abdominal area of ​​a spider silk is where the networks or fabrics are manufactured is made. It's amazing to see them work so diligently to create its elaborate networks.

Control de plagas de ratas, ratones y otros roedores en Mallorcarats

Rats like to live where people live. Quickly they adapt to the neighborhood. They can stay with just one ounce of food and water per day; therefore, when they reach a neighborhood and see that they have access to meat, fish, vegetables and cereals, remain. Rats prefer to feed in and around homes, restaurants and businesses.

But they are arranged with the remains of garbage bags and cans, private gardens and what they find in community tanks and garbage transfer stations.

  • domestic: Seeks to live in quiet places, where they find shelter and food source this next. It is common to find in pantries, cellars, barns, poultry establishments, pigs, etc.
  • black: As a living being seeks to live at heights as attics, between walls, nestled in warehouses, barns or houses, as well as scrubs and glasses of arbólese very common species in ports only exceptionally burrows.
  • Sewer: It is an urban and agricultural pest. Underground burrows or nests in cellars, barns or house; live at ground level at sites such as rivers, ditches, sewers, garbage dumps, in areas where food is stored or deposited organic waste.

Control de plagas de chinches en MallorcaBedbugs

All members of the family of bed bugs feed on blood of birds and mammals. The bedbug, Cimex lectularius, as the bedbug bat east, cimex adjunctus, attack humans. Other species are attacking bats, birds and rodents.

Bed bugs are active only at night, usually before dawn. During the day, they hide in cracks and grooves in the walls, floor, bed and furniture.

When there are few bed bugs present live near the area where humans sleep; when they are numerous, they can be found in any room of the house. A "characteristic smell of bedbugs" is often present in homes infested with these insects.