Woodworm or wood moth

A good one Wood protection in Mallorca You must necessarily pass through control pests woodworm or moth wood, whose scientific name is Hylotrupes bajulus a cascarudo shaped larva of just 30 millimeters in size, but can get to stay up to ten years or more feeding on wood.

In L'Artisan we know they are especially vulnerable to this pest beams, ridges and machimbre ceilings and columns, because they prefer woody parts to other types of wood. Detection at the main stage of the pest is not so simple, but in extreme cases there are several symptoms that anticipate infection of wood by woodworm.

We are talking about noise in the wood, especially during night hours, when the larvae move into the galleries made in wood, but also elliptical holes about 5 or 10 millimeters, especially when the larvae and become in adults, but it may take several years to develop and sawdust if any sharp object on the wood, among others nailed it.

Depending on the stage of the pest, Wood protection in Mallorca we will apply the specialists will go depending on the purpose. There are preventive methods that must be performed prior to infection, such as brushing, spraying or dipping, whereas when what is sought is to end a plague of woodworm and widespread methods are natural injection, injection pressure, treatment with gases or heat / cold.