Pipicans and dog parks in Calvia.

Treatment and disinfection in pipicans and dog parks Calvia.


Pipicans and dog parks in Calvia.

During these months, L'Artisan Mallorcan Pest Control company founded by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field of pest control in Mallorca, dedicated to providing services in all Balearics DDD, it is making treatments disinfection and disinfestation in more than 14 canine parks and pipicans the municipality of Calvia.

This treatment ensures that your dog back home free of any harmful insect. It also ensures that your dog does not propagate the pest in your own home, thereby causing material and economic losses. In this way, both you and your dog as your home, are free of any insect pest or harmful to the environment.

L'Artisan wants to apologize to the residents of these areas if it has caused some discomfort and look forward to your cooperation to ensure security in the area. Treatment in each dog park or pipican is fast, but over a period of time, especially during treatment, you must remain closed passage prohibiting people or dogs in that place to ensure treatment efficacy and safety.

If in doubt, please contact Calvia 2000 - 971 699 200 or L'Artisan Pest Control - 971,469,910.


Calvia Canino Park