Prevention bedbugs

To prevent diseases is essential to have good hygiene at home. That way we can prevent the occurrence of insects or detect them quickly. In our company, specializing in the insect control in Mallorca, We handle the elimination of cockroaches, bedbugs and many others.

Often, some of the pests that occur on certain properties can be prevented. So we want to take this new entry offer some tips that you may find useful in detecting or preventing the onset of bedbugs at home.

The first thing to do is not to bring any furniture (headboards, beds, etc.) or mattresses you find on the streets. Although it may seem somewhat basic rule that not all people follow.

In case you have purchased secondhand furniture you should make sure they are not infected.

When you come from a trip not on the street, we recommend that you do not put bags or backpacks or on beds or sofas.

Regular cleaning is essential. Remove the sheets of your bed to wash every so often and change them with new ones. This way you ensure that, in case there may be some, finish with her.

In case you have suspicions that there have been bugs in touch with the clothes we recommend that the washing and drying in a dryer at high temperature.

But if you have not gotten away with bedbugs or other insects we remind you that you can count on us for insect control in Mallorca.

InL'Artisan We will remove any traces of insect in your house in no time.