Tricks to protect the wood from moisture

A good oneWood protection in MallorcaIt is essential in outdoor environments exposed to inclement weather. And without doubt the rainy seasons are the most damage to our facilities can generate timber. Water, moisture and exposure to the sun can cause wood to lose all the charm that is when it is in good condition.

When protecting these surfaces must be aware that the wooden floor moisture does not react the same way you can do a wall, door or window. Water stops longer in a horizontal plane in the same way that the effects of the sun can be harmful.

As we discussed specialistsL'Artisan, One of the most common damage of wood due to moisture and use is that the seals are deformed or cracked. This makes dirt can accumulate more easily between the floor boards, staining and discoloring the finish. Moreover, wear causes wood nails go releasing and loosening structure.

Given these common impairments, theWood protection in MallorcaYou must begin avoid accumulation and water retention that generates accelerated aging of the material. In addition, sweep the floor recurrently will prevent the accumulation of dirt moisture conservation benefits.

Another measure we should take is to keep shrubs and plants at a minimum distance of 50 cm to prevent moisture damage and wood growth. And in case you have pots, you should raise them to allow air flow and thus prevent moisture buildup.